Inspired Insanity: The Name of my Sailboat.

Inspired Insanity: Check out the facebook page and hear the story of how I named her.


Aunt Donna, what is the story behind the name of your boat, Inspired Insanity..? didn't you calll it "Inspired Virgin' at one point?

GReat Question, Lizzy.

Inspired Insanity sportin her new old name...

The lyrics to the Phoebe Snow song : Inspired Insanity

Help yourself to my new clothes; borrow some of my daydreams too A few of them came true ... in color, too What's that picture in your frame of mind?.. is it something I can help you find? Oh, the stories I could tell, but you don't listen well, my friend. You ain't talked to me of late, But don't you worry, I can wait ...again Come visit me, inspired insanity Come visit me, inspired insanity You're like my second childhood, Complete with all the mistakes I've made A party's overstayed, that's our charade One man's high, is just another's waste I'm only preaching 'cause I've had my taste You can call me up, When I call you, don't hang up the phone If something scares you in the mirror, I will know that you're alone Come visit me, inspired insanity Come visit me, inspired insanity While I'm speaking, I lose you Others pry at your key hole here You told me you don't care, but you've changed your hair I feel pretty stubborn today, I shrug my shoulders and I stay, I stay Logic doesn't work, neither would a magic wand If I turned and walked, right now, would you notice I had gone? But, if you agree Come and visit me, Come visit me, inspired insanity


I was playing music in St Thomas, early, 2001. friends Staci Reed Kosick Pat Kosick asked me to learn one of her songs and gave me a CD. The name of this song was Inspired life. Yes, inspired but insane and seemingly out of control. Turns out that the song is about Phoebe Snows' daughter's perspective on the world having Down Syndrome...a special story I .Here is a later you tube


Inspired Insanity-11-30-10.wmv

One of my favorite songs by Phoebe Snow! My tribute to legendary Phoebe Snow!


  • Liz Robbins Thanks! But did you change it to Inspired Virgin?

  • That is a joke really, and has made my boat memorable...When you put a name on a boat, legally it is followed by your home port of call. At the time, mine as St Thomas, in the US virgin Islands...Welll I thought it was cute to arange the words so that on the port side of the stern it said.."Inspired Virgin' and on the starboard stern it said "Insanity Islands', Inspired Insanity from the Virgin Islands. It wasn't the legal way to do it and I have continued to name it such. No one has called me on it. Many have thought the name was Inspired Virgin...has made for a few good saloon chats.

  • Liz Robbins Ah ok I get it! I've always loved the name Inspired Insanity!

  • This is the stern from behind...We have repainted her...

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