Virginia Wagner scholarship fund for Youth Sailing Programs

Virginia Wagner scholarship fund party aboard the Oliver Hazard Perry Rhode Island.

Virginia Wagner holds a 3000ton offshore license and was the Celestial Navigation intructor for a decade on Ocean Star. Now heorically dealing with mesothelioma. This event is to honor her as there is a scholarship fund created in her name.

I met Virginia in 1999, becoming the ship's cook for the Summer season. Virginia Wagner was my first Captain...Wow. and truly her leadership is the reason I am living the life I am and have accomplished my dreams. She spurred me on from working in the galley, through Celestial navigation courses, to offer me a position on her next commission which was to be sailing the America Tall ship for the 2000 Regatta around the world... That was it...All the bells and whistles went off for me and I was going to sail around the world. When she had to come below to the galley to tell me the America was damaged on its sail south from Boston and the trip canceled, the vision to sail became my own. Within a two years, I had bought my boat, done huge refits learning everything about the boat, and done my frist solo sail to RI then to Ireland. Virgiinia is just 'who she is' all the time. I learned to properly use the word 'fuck' aboard the Clipper City... I am dreaming of doing a few training sessions with her before heading out on my non-stop sail...using only Celestial Navigation. To Virgina!!!!

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