Explorer's Club Sailors Event

Bob and I had an incredible time sharing a full day with incredible sailors, circumnavigators, authors in this incredible expedition club.

Sailing Stories 2019

Sailing Stories is day focused on sailing-based exploration and conservation. Tickets will NOT be sold at the door. 9:00 AM Registration – coffee & continental breakfast 10:00 AM Presentations commence 12:00 PM Lunch 1:00 PM Presentations continue 5:00 PM Cocktail Party 7:00 PM Conclusion

Captain Donna Lange – “Sail Twice Around: Inspired Insanity to Sanity: Sailing Stories of Two-time Solo Circumnavigator via the Roaring Forties.” Captain Lange, along with her partner and Sail Twice Around team leader, Bob Philburn, will present about Captain Lange’s two-time solo circumnavigation. As a 55-year old, musician and registered nurse from the mountains of New York, a mother of four, grandmother of 11; Captain Lange heard destiny's call to offshore sail solo where she would find her inward healing path to overcoming challenges in her life by sailing around the world in her Southern Cross 28' double-ender. She will share the spiritual growth she experienced alone with the sea, eight months non-stop offshore finally discovering that she has Asperger’s. An author of children’s stories, publishing her first book of her journey soon; Captain Lange produced several music CDs. She is a founder and past Chair of the Board of OceansWatch North America, an organization linking the yachting community with sustainable practice projects in developing island communities in Haiti and the Caribbean.

History A Gathering Place

In May 1904, a group of men active in exploration met at the request of Henry Collins Walsh, to form an organization to unite explorers in the bonds of good fellowship and to promote the work of exploration by every means in its power.

Famous Firsts in Exploration

For more than a century, members of the Club have traversed the earth, the seas, the skies, and even the moon, on expeditions of exploration. Carrying the Flag

The Explorers Club flag represents an impressive history of courage and accomplishment and has been carried on hundreds of expeditions by Club members since 1918.

First Class of Women Members

In 1981, women were admitted to The Explorers Club for the first time.

The Explorers Club Veterans Documentation Project

The Library and Archives Committee at The Explorers Club is building a permanent collection to honor both national and international members who are veterans of wars. Originally inspired by a survey of WWI veterans already in the Club archives, the goal is to establish an ongoing collection that will document service past and present for future access by our members, their families, and researchers.

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